Structured Product Design & Analysis

We work with clients who are accessing global capital markets to
  • Assist them to design optimal structures to ensure the best risk-adjusted cost of finance
  • Vet documentation and negotiate terms with lenders / investors
  • Assist them in placing temporary surpluses in the global markets in such a way as to meet their risk / return priorities
  • Put in place a strategic hedging plan
  • Monitor their risk, both short- and long-term, and provide advice on when and at what rates to hedge
  • Provide scenario analyses and other reporting for management to enable more educated decision-making
For companies who already have borrowings and / or derivative hedges in place, we assist them to
  • Mark their positions to market
  • Assess risk on these exposures and put in place a risk-based hedging program
  • Renegotiate terms, where necessary and possible
  • Take decisions on when and at what rates to hedge their risk
Similar services will also be available for mobilizing resources in domestic market / monitoring interest rate risk in domestic debt.