Mecklai Risk Manager (MRM)

An On-Demand, Hosted FX Portfolio Management Platform

Mecklai Risk Manager is a web-based program with unique features that include
  • FX risk management framework, with pre-set parameters
  • Intra-day updates of Risk profile of the company for top management, &
  • Accounting inputs for implementing AS 30 (now Ind AS 39), conforming to IFRS.
MRM is a highly flexible and user-friendly software enabling Management to
  • Set target rates & stop-loss limits with alternate setting mechanisms
  • Collate live data from divisions, with flexibility to seek project-specific and currency specific exposures
  • Update intra-day (minimum three updates daily) MTM valuation of open positions & hedges purchased
  • Track exposures as they evolve from tentative projections through confirmed orders
  • Allocate forwards & options to underlying exposures
  • Hedge alerts based on current value of portfolio
  • Measure fair-value changes & Test effectiveness of derivative instruments, and
  • Upload & Download from excel spreadsheets
MRM can also be installed at client’s server for exclusive use of client company

For detailed information / demo, please contact :

Syed Allam, AVP - Technology at
(M) 9892503165 (  OR

Viral Shah, Consultant- Risk Management Advisory at

(M) 9819139496(