Buyers' Credit

Best buyers credit deals for week ended    27 Mar, 2015   (bps pa)
Tenor LIBOR Over USD
10 mn
USD 5 mn
to 10 mn
USD 1.0 mn
to 5.0 mn
USD 0.5 mn
to 1.0 mn
90 Days 27 23 23 25 30
180 Days 40 23 24 26 30
360 Days 70 14 14 25 34

Suppliers Credit
Foreign banks
L+ 40 to 50 bps p.a for 90 to 180 days usance discounting till maturity
Indian banks
12 M L + 70 bps for 360 day usance
12 M L+120 bps with yearly reset for 3 years supplier credits

Letter of Credit reimbursement structure
L+60 to 70 bps for 180 days usance from nationalized & foreign banks.

Shipbreaking/Vessel imports suppliers credit/LC Discounting
L+ 50/60 bps levels for 90 to 360 days Usance from offshore Indian banks.

LC Limits are available on all major banks, discounting without recourse to supplier
External Commercial Borrowings (ECB’s)
All in cost of L+2.5 to 4% p.a depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower and quality of the project

Foreign currency financing against SBLC/LONG TERM EXPORT PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE issued by major PSU banks
L+3 to 5% p.a

Offshore Bid bonds against counter guarantee by Indian banks
40 to 50 bps

(All rates subject to credit worthiness of the borrowers and quality of project)
Our International Finance team assists companies to set up subsidiaries in Mauritius, Hongkong, Singapore, Dubai along with offshore funding requirements.

We work with over 150 banks (both overseas branches of Indian banks as well as multinational banks) to provide our clients with the finest rates for buyers' credit and other trade finance transactions.

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